All my trailers have private restrooms.  No stalls.  They require a designated  120 Volt / 20 Amp circuit .   If needed, we have quiet EU generators or on-board water tanks if no water or electrical is available in remote locations.    They all have heat, AC, running water, porcelain toilets, pedestal sinks,  full mirrors,  hand soap, paper towels, trash bin and extras.  We provide all electrical cords, water hoses and toiletries (fully stocked with extras).  

Delivery times: Usually Thursday or Friday for a Saturday event.  We work with you to fit your schedule.  Pick up Sunday AM.


30% Non-refundable deposit to hold trailer for your date 
Level Ground~We have to be able to drive a large truck to your location

Think about low wires/trees (under 12')

Within 50 ft from electric and 100 ft from water hook-up


The parlor room trailer provides a Swanky Spot for your guests to enjoy.  If there is a small wait for a restroom...why wait in 90 degree weather when you can enjoy some air conditioning, music and a place to sit.  I designed this trailer after years of talking to my past guests.  I found that guests would hang out in the trailer to cool down or warm up! Bar table, chairs, mirrors, games and music!   Trailer is 14' Long by 8' Wide.  Parlor Room can accommodate 4 people comfortably with 2 people in restrooms.  

 Swanky Parlor  Call for more info.  

Two Room Restroom Trailer with Parlor- Click on pictures to enlarge 

Please note: My trailers constantly change on the interior.   I strive to be unique ALWAYS 

Two Room Restroom Trailers - Click on pictures to enlarge 

Please visit my INSTAGRAM  Account for more pictures.  

Swanky Three Room Restroom Trailer 

Swanky Restroom Trailers